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Heavy Lifting


A 12 week program designed to build a strong foundation of fitness


The program is for trainees looking to be a fitter/ stronger athlete.


Beginner athletes will benefit from developing a baseline of strength and fitness. Intermediate level athletes will further progress by building on their fundamentals through the structured training program.


Whilst aesthetics is not the sole focus here, you will for sure build that muscle/burn the fat from nailing the basics correctly during your training. That means being strong in the main compound lifts as well as having the ability to move well as as a person. 


You are only as strong as your foundation.

  • How much will it cost?
    The program will cost £190 upfront or £69p/m via Direct Debit. Payment will be arranged after the consultation once we are both happy to move forward.
  • What does it mean to have a strong foundation of fitness?
    The ability to effectively handle a high intensity of muscular/ aerobic stress therefore reducing the chance for injury. Having a strong foundation also implies that you have a solid understanding of the fundamental movement patterns and compound lifts resulting to transferable strength to different methods of training or athletic activity.
  • How can I access my programs?
    When you have signed up, you will then have a client account created on the 'True Coach' training system. Youll then recieve the workouts via your emails or on the app itself.
  • Can I do the program solely online?
    Indeed! If we cant manage to work together in person, the program will be delivered online via the True Coach App system. Since the 1-1 sessions wont be possible we will catch up via Skype or Zoom calls. I will also be available to contact on WhatsApp any other time during the week if needed.
  • What if I am away for some of the 12 weeks?
    Ideally it would be best if you could commit to your training for the duration of the program to get the best results. If you are away and cant access the gym for some time, I would suggest signing up when you are able to commit 12 weeks minimum. There is the option to work together online to make sure you are still staying on track during your travels, or, sign up for the 'Relentless' program to gain access to daily challenging workouts with minimal equipment
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