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I've had Cedi as my personal trainer for 3 years, once and sometimes twice a week. At the beginning, I wanted to join the army, and so my goals were to increase my upper body strength and general fitness. Cedi used the army fitness requirements as a guide, but also adapted the regime to my personal goals. He also prepared workout routines for me to use in my spare time. I found that Cedi's enthusiasm and attention to detail to extremely helpful, especially during times when I was struggling to find the motivation. He never gave up, and he knew when to push me and when to focus on stretching or to try something different. 


Over the next few years, my fitness goals have shifted towards equestrian sports, but with Cedi's flexible approach, I  regularly increase my fitness to new levels. I owe the considerable gains I have made to my upper body, the flexibility of the core, and the reduced risk of injury when running to Cedi's guidance. Cedi has a large range of exercises and modifications under his belt, and he adapts to new developments or goals. A client who stays with Cedi will appreciate the steady and apparent improvements to their fitness and health, whilst enjoying the fact that each session is varied and interesting. A good example is when I told Cedi I wanted to improve reaction times to reaching the ball when playing polo. Cedi incorporated tennis exercises into sessions, which have had a definite impact on my ball sports. 


I consider Cedi to be a first-rate PT instructor and use him as the benchmark against which others are measured.



Retired Project Engineer

I started twice a week gym sessions with Cedi in March 2017 and throughout this time he has been a pleasure to work/train with. He has an ability to motivate through encouragement, patience and realistic objective setting. He has a maturity that belies his years, an impressive understanding of the technicalities, mechanics and psychology of fitness training and ways to communicate these through his articulate tutelage and easy going manner.   


I started sessions with Cedi following knee replacement surgery. My movement was restricted, I had become sedentary and put on excess weight. I had never set foot in a gym before and had reservations about its effectiveness and my own determination/motivation to do more than a few token visits. The gym is an intimidating place for a late middle-aged newcomer but Cedi was able to structure my programme to demonstrate that by progressing at my own pace I could start to achieve levels of strength and conditioning I hardly thought possible. I was particularly impressed that he read up all about knee surgery and its post surgical challenges and tailored my regime around these.


When I started with Cedi I was unable to ride a bicycle due to the restricted movement in my leg so he immediately set getting back on the bike as a goal. Similarly, I had previously enjoyed hill walking but had stopped – again, another goal. I was properly cycling after a couple of months and similarly back in the Lake District and Dartmoor by the end of the year. These achievements were wholly attributable to Cedi’s effective planning and his ability to motivate an initially unwilling and skeptical partner to realize these goals. The fact that I was still attending the sessions after over two years is the most eloquent testament to Cedi’s character, personality and teaching I can give.



Retired Insurance Broker 

Following a heart surgery, I needed somebody to install in me an enthusiasm to look forward to returning to the gym, with the aims of stabilising my weight and to commence running outdoors again. I am pleased to report, my weight has reduced and I am now achieving 5 km runs 6 months after surgery.

Without Cedi’s tuition as to how to adapt the strains and stresses on my body to achieve this following my operation, it would have not been possible.

I have to say that these goals are far easier to obtain if the personal trainer is able to create an atmosphere of enjoyment at the same time.

Cedi has these qualities. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent personal trainer.



We worked together for 9 months until April 2019. 

Prior to starting, I was worried about working one-on-one with a PT, having always preferred group classes. Also, I had relatively little experience with free weights and always thought they were for much larger/stronger/more experienced gym-goers.

Cedi really helped increase my confidence with free weights and lots of other equipment in the gym. I'm now much more confident about managing my time in the gym both cardio and resistance. The exercise programmes that he prepared for me were invaluable both while working with him and so that I can use these in the future on my own, plus it teaches you to structure sessions of your own. 

Top goals: to increase strength and overall fitness - definitely achieved and shown through maximum weight lifted. Also, to have core and upper body strength to manage 10 pull-ups - now have max single set of 15 reps. 

Cedi's particular strengths include his enthusiasm for every session, which never dipped. He has impressive motivational skills for example when I would start a session after a long day at work, feeling pretty tired, but end the session feeling much better. He is also very willing to modify the sessions/programme depending on the client's needs, so I always felt we could discuss the best plan for any particular week or session.


Sessions were very relaxed and always fun, but without fail I knew I had worked hard by the end!



Cedi is an inspiring trainer whose encouragement builds your abilities & confidence.  He is knowledgeable and will ensure you are training accurately and safely. Cedi has helped me build on my strengths but also improve my weaknesses. Training with Cedi has been good fun but hard work. His future clients will be lucky to have him.


I trained twice a week for 15 months with Cedi between 2018 and 2019.


My goals were increased strength, energy, weight bearing exercises and overall fitness, without weight loss and with variation to avid mental block.

I had some past medical problems which he rapidly assimilated and designed a bespoke workout that was consistently different and challenging to exactly the right amount for me. This took considerable effort and thought.


I was hugely impressed by his ability to judge the correct amount to push and also restrain my training. He developed some specific exercises to enhance my responsiveness for tennis playing, and also worked within any minor temporary muscle strains etc I developed. He has attention to detail so would always check technique and correct, remaining focussed on me for the whole hour.

He was never late and never missed a session.

He was a delightful personality and made the workouts tough but hugely enjoyable.

It was noted by several other longterm gym members that he was one if not the best trainer at the gym in many years.

He is mature beyond his years and I have no reservation in providing a reference.

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